Tenant Background Checks For Landlords At Liar Catchers

There has been a rise in the number of tenant fraud cases with landlords being at the receiving end of it. The mistake which most of the landlords made in most of the cases was that tenant background check was never performed. Non-performance of tenant background checks puts the landlords at a greater risk of frauds. For background investigation in Lexington get in touch with the private investigators at Liar Catchers which consists of some of the most experienced and skilled private investigators who have conducted such cases with successful results. Most landlords just overlook the importance of background checks and acts upon other concerns such as money and eagerness to rent.
Most tenant background checks include different records such as the personal, state and national information in order for the landlords to make an informed decision. The records include:

Early Address- The investigators makes sure to establish the credibility of previous addresses, family members and property(s) owned which are then compared to the information provided by the candidate in the rental application form which would reveal any misinformation or truth which may have been hidden by the prospective candidate. Moreover, property ownership also establishes the number of houses owned or sold which would provide with an indication of professionalism or lack of it and such information can prove to be highly beneficial for the landlords.

Age And Date Of Birth- With rise in the identity fraud cases, this information can prove to be an information of vital significance, the investigators would establish the accuracy of these records which would then again be compared to the information mentioned in the rental application form and reveal things which may have been hidden.

Criminal Records- There has been a rise in rental properties being used as drug houses which can lead to damages as well as loss of property value for the owner of the house and may have a bad impact. Investigators would bring out any criminal case records, arrests or warrants, police case records, etc if there is any. In this way landlords would be able to keep their properties safe from the hands of criminals. 

Sex Offender Status- It is quite a given that no person would mention such a thing in the rental application form but a background check would make the landlord aware of the status of a registered sex offender.

Credit History, Bankruptcies- As a landlord you should be assured about the fact that the prospective tenant would be able to make monthly rental payments and information such as credit history, bankruptcies, etc would enable you in making an informed and correct decision.
So hire the background check services at Liar Catchers and reap the benefits. There is no harm in going for tenant background checks, it is only benefits that one can gain.


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